He turns his house for his cats, you will be blown away.

Peter Cohen had a completely crazy idea, but really great when he adopted two cats as a result of the acquisition of his house in 1988.

Indeed, he decided to transform his house by adding bridges, perches, tunnels, and ramps so that the two kitties can live happily there. He had given himself the mission to give a feline dream home.

Over time, the man has collected several other cats and the count is now returned to 22 cats. One day, in 2012, Cohen learned that one of his cats had feline infectious peritonitis, a disease that did not really have a cure for it.

Unfortunately, her kitty died. In 2016, another of his cats had the same disease but thanks to a researcher from a University, the kitty was able to test a treatment that has worked well for the moment on the kitty.

Since these events, Peter Colhen has given himself the mission to raise funds to treat cats with this disease to perhaps give a second chance! Would you have done the same thing?

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