Heartless person dumped an abused cat at a shelter now after a makeover he’s a true beauty.

A bad looking cat showed itself in Douglas Country Animal Care and Services one morning, and staff noticed a mattered something in the front gate actually they didn’t recognise it, it seemed a cat but also seemed like a dog.

As the staff came closer to it and uncover its carrier they noticed that it was a cat. It had a kitten face but its but was huge, it was an overweight. He also was ungroomed he had huge hair around him. Like Bob Marley, until he was named Bob.

He was immediately taken to a vet for check-ups and for his grooming, after that Bob could at least walk around. Bob was adopted after sometimes and his current owner helps him reduce his extra pounds in his body, also he’s working on his mental status, we know Bob suffered so much for quite sometimes maybe a year or so.

Current Bob is handsome and doesn’t have a lot of pounds. It happens his previous owner wasn’t taking care of him until he dumped him in the street, He got caught by the local sheriff and he is serving his time in prison for the crime.

Bob is happy with his new owner.

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